10L or under? Right this way!

The Cart Sale at the Wash kicked off yesterday and those of you who have taken part in previous Cart Sales know what kinds of deals can be had. If you are new to the Cart Sales, in a nutshell, the event is held twice a year on the Wash sim and consists of street carts filled with goodies from designers all over SL. Everything is 10L or under, several carts are offering special dollarbies or freebies, and I am seeing a lot of exclusive-to-the-Cart-Sale-event items pass through our blogger box. This is a really great opportunity to check out the Wash sim and score some awesome items for yourself in Second Life.

Today we are taking a closer look at DemotiK and Sentou Yousei.

I am a shoe person. Shoes make me happy like nothing else. Both these designers made me giddy as a schoolgirl when we got their boxes unpacked and tried on what they sent.

DemotiK has a really great pair of claw-toed feet for those of you who are more demonically inclined. They fit great and were really easy to color match to my av’s skintone. Also – the Silvery Heels/Smokey Heels shoes look fabulous worn and they had some really cute petite outfits up for grabs.

Sentou Yousei, what can I say? I loved everything. The mesh boleros are cute as a button (and fit my av without me needing to make any adjustments to the shape, which is a huge plus in my books) and the boots are just fantastic.

We’ll have another look at some of these great designers later today, so stay tuned to this blog page!




Sentou Yousei
Sentou Yousei
Sentou Yousei

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