More Cart Sale Stuff! =)

Whew! Today has been a crazed, hectic day and I didn’t get the chance to post the next Cart Sale peek earlier today…so…double-sized post coming up! The Cart Sale is in full swing on the Wash sim and its been bustling every time I had the chance to peek over this evening. Everything on the carts is 10L or under and there are a TON of freebies, dollarbies and Cart Exclusives, so be sure to head over and poke around a bit.

Amour Fashion/Signature has some lovely mesh pieces on their Cart, including boots (yay!), sweaters and a fabulous little black dress designed specifically to tempt your special someone.

RVi has a collection of rustic furniture pieces available this time around, as well as several jewelry sets. Several of the jewelry sets are based on zodiac signs and “galaxy” pieces, giving you several different combination possibilities.

Fab-Fae is offering some unique outfits for both regular-sized avs and petites – the red “Heartbreaker” dress is just beautiful, almost enough to entice me to finally give in and get myself a petite avvie!

Krystal has some of the most delicate jewelry I have seen in SL in a long time. So delicate, in fact, that the photos we got do not do the actual items justice. We played with the lighting a bit to try to make them more visible (the chains are so slender, just gorgeous work!). These pieces really need to be seen in person to appreciate the detail put into them.

MV, as always, has some great mesh items for those who prefer their fashion a little more on the dark side – with a healthy dose of fun. The Zombie corset and matching boots were my favorite of the collection.



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