Beat the blues!

Feeling the Monday blues? Head over to The Wash and do a little retail therapy at the Cart Sale event!  There are tons of designers, oodles of good stuff to find and can’t be beat prices of 10L or under on everything.   Tonight, we have a closer look at Hot Stuff, RnB Designs Furniture, Hatter’n Hell, Heartsick and Low prim Living.

Hot Stuff’s clothing is sexy and edgy – a great combination!  The outfits look great on their own and can easily be mixed with items you already have to create some unique looks all your own.

RnB Designs Furniture traditionally brings us beautiful home items during Cart Sale events and they have outdone themselves this time around.  The attention to detail, the superb texturing and the timelessness of the designs combine to make some truly special home furnishings.

Green seems to be the color of the month for Hatter’n Hell!  They are offering a wide variety of items in keeping with the upcoming St. Patrick’s day tradition of wearing green.  From hats to tea service, they have a little bit of everything for your pleasure.

Heartsick’s skins and shapes are always gorgeous, detailed and come in beautiful skin tones.  This time around, they are offering skins for both regular and petite avs in simply luscious tones.

Low Prim Living’s items are exactly that – great home decor items that make your SL a more enjoyable space and don’t tip your prim counts into the stratosphere.  They have a littel bit of everything, from a solo dance platform to rolled towels with a scattering of rose petals to a champagne bath for two.



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