Oasis Road

The weekend is here, making it the perfect time to kick back and do a little retail therapy for the soul. What better place to find the hottest deals in SL right now than at the Wash's Oasis Cart Sale? The sim has been filled with sand dunes, palm trees and cart after cart of... Continue Reading →

Urban Oasis

Its the middle of the night SL time, and the perfect chance to run over to the Wash and check out the Oasis event! The sim is quiet, which means no crowds, no lag, and an easy stroll around the cart-filled streets to see the tons and tons of great stuff the designers have come... Continue Reading →

Hot Weather, Hot Deals!

I've been blogging the Wash's Cart Sale events for a couple of years now and one of the things I have noticed throughout that time is just how varied and creative these designers are when it comes to each event. They consistently come up with quality items for dirt-cheap prices and anyone who hasn't at... Continue Reading →

Midnight at the Oasis

We've got another batch of Oasis goodness to share - and guys, pay attention to this post! Boots...for men...that look great! The Oasis Cart Sale event kicked off yesterday at the Wash sim. The event is kind of a Cart Sale-lite version of the bigger, biannual Cart Sales we all know and love.   Think desert,... Continue Reading →

CART SALE IS A GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is time again for the best deals in Second Life!! CART SALE June 11th to June 25th   Twice a year creators since 2007 from all over SL come to The Wash and bring you some great deals for 2 weeks! Don’t miss your chance to get in the Everything is 10LS or cheaper... Continue Reading →

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