Monday Blues

Ok, my lovely Wash bargain shoppers - we've come to the end of the Cart Sale Event showcase for this round, but just because we are out of pictures to share does not mean there isn't plenty still to see and explore! The sale runs until October 8th and its my understanding that some of... Continue Reading →

The Weekend is over, but the deals are still going!

We've got another look at some of the items currently available at the Wash's Cart Sale Event. As most of you know, this is a bi-annual event hosted by the Wash that brings together designers from all over Second Life. One of the key features of the event is that in addition to its core... Continue Reading →

Its the midnight hour… SL, but the Cart Wash Event is going strong.  Here is another peek at some of the great stuff all you insomniac shoppers can find at the Wash.  Come on down and see what you can find - we get to showcase a lot of the goodies, but not nearly all of them, so... Continue Reading →

What’s new at Cart Sale?

Here's another look at some of the great deals and steals you can find at this round of the Cart Sale currently happening at the Wash. There is always gorgeous stuff for the ladies or for your house, but guys - we got you covered too! Come on down and take a look - there... Continue Reading →

Come on down to The Wash!

We're a few hours into the opening of the Cart Sale's Fall 2014 event and not only do we have another peek at some of the great deals you can find, but we have some event information to share. If you are a first time first Cart sale shopper, the events are hosted twice a... Continue Reading →

Cart Sale Offical Creator List Sept 2014

Time for everyone’s favorite Sale! It is the original CART SALE!!! Stores Home Team ================================ Sentou Yousei (battle fairy) ~Wee Ones~ LUMINESSE Maloney&Hudson Kirei Yobasha Amour Fashion & Repetto Design Laney's gruntificaiton Loordes of London StoraxTree [LPL] Low Prim Living Lucky Charm Clothing Unique Clothing Nail Me La Boheme Reserved ============================ Sn@tch Somnia The Little... Continue Reading →

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