You want it? We got it!

I am coming up on my 180th blog post for the Wash events in the not too distant future, and the BiAnnual Wash Sale remains one of my favorite events in SL.  Pulling together over 70 merchants and getting things coordinated and running smoothly is no easy task and takes a lot of behind the scenes work. Grace Selene, general manager for the Wash Sim, makes it look easy and does it with a smile – so consider this a long overdue shout out and thank you to her on behalf of myself and the merchants for all the work she does to keep the events coming year after year.

In line with that, the BiAnnual Wash Sale has consistently drawn interesting designers who rise to the occasion again and again with truly wonderful creations every time.  This round is no exception: the offerings from the current group of merchants is gorgeous.  If you haven’t come down and browsed around the street kiosks, you are definitely missing out.  Also, hard as it is to believe, the blog only covers about 50-60% of the merchants who are involved in the event.  That means there is a whole TON of stuff you will never see unless you visit the event in person.

Hope to see you there!


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