Christmas @ The Wash

Okay, folks - we have another peek at the wonderful 10L goodies available at the Cart Sale going on at the Wash right now.  There are roughly 80 designers taking part in the Cart Sale this round and they have put together an amazing collection of things  to entice your senses and help you create... Continue Reading →

Sunday Shopping @ The Cart Sale!

Fashion? Check!  Accessories? Check! Home decor? Check! You want it, we got it...and so much more!  The Cart Sale is in full swing, bringing together about 80 of SL's best designers with an insane amount of awesome stuff to make your SL that much better.  Think about it...around 80 merchants, 10 items per around... Continue Reading →

Double Shot!!

Its been one of those days where every time I think I can catch my breath and get a post up, something else comes along that demands my attention "Right now!" - so you lucky blog readers get to reap the benefit of my hectic day: a double shot, double long post to make up... Continue Reading →

How far can 10L take you?

All the way to gorgeous and beyond!  We have roughly 80 of the best designers in SL participating in this round of the Wash's Cart Sale and that translates to fantastic deals on pretty much anything and everything your little heart could desire for this holiday season.  This is the last Wash event before the... Continue Reading →

Get Yer Holiday on at The Wash!

Hard to believe we're half through the last month of 2015 already! This past year has gone by so quickly in a blur of hunts, sales, events and various other Second Life social activities...but...we've saved the best for last! The Cart Sale is in full swing at the Wash from now until January 6th which... Continue Reading →

Cart Sale is revving up!

We're back with another look at some of the incredible 10L deals you can find at the Cart Sale event going on at The Wash sim.  In addition to our usual group of designers, this round of the event has a whole infusion of new shops and new designs so if you think you know... Continue Reading →

Getting ready for a Merry Wash-mas!

This is the time of year when I actually start getting excited for the holidays.  The Thanksgiving food coma has worn off and its actually getting close enough to Christmas to get into countdown mode without it feeling like I am jumping the gun (yes, big name stores who start the Christmas muzac the day... Continue Reading →

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