Getting ready for a Merry Wash-mas!

This is the time of year when I actually start getting excited for the holidays.  The Thanksgiving food coma has worn off and its actually getting close enough to Christmas to get into countdown mode without it feeling like I am jumping the gun (yes, big name stores who start the Christmas muzac the day after Thanksgiving, I’m judging you!).  Socially, this is the time of year when events start to pick up, both in the real world and in Second Life.  There is always a last minute bit of shopping that needs to be done – a dress for a party, a new pair of shoes, something pretty to grace a holiday get-together table, one last bit of decorative cheer to finish off the look of your house.  Whatever your end of the year needs may be, the Cart Sale @ The Wash has you covered!

For those who are unfamiliar with the Cart Sale events, this is a golden opportunity to check out some really great designers all in one location.  These sales happen a couple times a year, hosted by The Wash sim, and they are always a lot of fun.  The merchants have their wares set up in kiosks lining the streets of the sim and everything is 10L.  Many items are brand new releases or event exclusives as well, making it a don’t miss shopping experience.

The current Cart Sale runs from December 16th to January 6th, so you have plenty of time to fit a shopping spree or two into your holiday schedule.  Hope to see you there!

Your ride to the Cart Sale: The Wash
List of Participating Merchants: Here


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