Cart Sale Tradition Continues

The Cart Sale has been a bi-annual event hosted by the Wash for almost as long as I can remember in Second Life – at least back as far as 2011, if not further.  The event has grown over that time, from a car wash theme on the old sim to the beautiful street kiosks lining the Wash sim.  One thing that has remained constant over that time is the variety and quality of wares the merchants offer up each round and the insanely low price of 10L for it all.  The Cart Sales have become an institution among savvy SL shoppers and this round is no exception.

We have almost 90 merchants taking part this time around and the things they have for you are out of this world.  All items are the usual 10L and most merchants have set out a special item for 50L.  Many of the items out are also brand new – meaning they haven’t even been up for sale in the shops yet, which means this is truly a chance for you to score something amazing before everyone else gets it!


Event Dates: March 16th to March 30th
Your ride to the Cart Sale: The Wash
List of Participating Merchants: Here



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