One more time…

Ok, folks, I have come to the end of my stash of goodies to tempt your shopping gene for this round of the Bi-Annual Cart Sale at the Wash.  I have been bringing you posts filled with items since the event opened on June 15th, and even with all those posts, I have barely scratched... Continue Reading →

Just when you thought it was done…

...I have more awesomeness from the Bi-Annual Cart Sale to share!  I am almost at the bottom of my goodies bag, but I found a few more gems to show off.  The Cart Sale is about at its midpoint, so if you still haven't made the time to drop by and do a little shopping,... Continue Reading →

Calling all midnight shoppers!

We've got you covered here at the Bi-Annual Cart Sale! Ok, so most everywhere in SL is open all night, but I bet you can't find as many great designers in one place with as much awesome stuff for such low prices AND open all night! The Cart Sale is almost half over, so if... Continue Reading →

Ready for More Cart Sale?

The workday is done for now so its time to kick back a bit and relax. Retail therapy is my personal relaxation technique of choice (especially when it includes shoes), and for those who share my tastes, the Bi-Annual Cart Sale is just the ticket. You will find tons of stuff at super cheap prices... Continue Reading →

Midnight Shoppers!

Ok, in the interest of tranparency, it is midnight for me as I post this, but might not be for you as you read it.  =) Short and sweet - in case you missed it, the Bi-Annual Cart Sale is in full swing from now until July 6th at the Wash! Lots of stuff from... Continue Reading →

Cure your Closet Blues!

Its a universal problem faced by people everywhere: A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. Well, hold onto your hats, folks - we have finally found the cure for Closet Blues Syndrome! Come on down to the Bi-Annual Cart Sale going on at the Wash and get yourself a dose of new duds,... Continue Reading →

Monday, Monday…

The weekend is over all too quickly and its back to business as usual for us here at the Wash.  With the Bi-Annual Cart Sale in full swing, that means I have more great stuff to share with you! Considering that it is a Monday morning and you all know the drill by now about... Continue Reading →

10L Madness!

These days, you can't even buy a decent cup of coffee for a buck.  That same buck, however, is about 212 lindens...or 21 items from this round of the Bi-Annual Cart Sale.  Is that a deal or what?  Where else can you pretty much gain an entire summer wardrobe AND redecorate your house with a... Continue Reading →

Summer savings at the Cart Sale

Summertime is here and the deals are easy at the Bi-Annual Cart Sale Event. One of the highlights of this round is the number and diversity of the stores who are taking part. In the past, the Cart Sales have been dominated by clothing shops and home furnishing shopts, but we have slowly been seeing... Continue Reading →

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