Ready…Set…Go!! Its Cart Sale Time!

Hello Shoppers and welcome to this round of the Wash’s Cart Sale Event! From now until the 6th of July, the Wash is jam-packed with carts along its streets, each filled with gorgeous summer essentials. We are happy to welcome back most of our usual crew and pleased to extend our welcome to a bunch of new merchants who have joined up for this event. There is no set theme this round, so our (almost) 90 designers have pretty much gone wild with anything and everything that caught their fancy. As always, cart items are 10L or under, so feel free to give in to a little impulse shopping while you are there.

I was on the sim this morning and it was pretty full, and then later in the early afternoon, I was unable to teleport over because it was full. The sim limits have been raised for the event, so if you can’t get in right away – keep trying. Also, be kind to your fellow shoppers and leave the high-scripted, lag monster outfits at home. Hope to see you there!

Event Dates: June 15 – July 6

Your ride to the Cart Sale: Here

List of Participating Merchants: Here



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