There’s a mob at the Wash!

Holy cow, people!  This is the first time I can remember when opening day of the Bi-Annual Cart Sale event has been soooo crowded that you can’t get on the sim!  Usually it takes a day or so for word to spread that we’re open to the public before the craziness fully hits, but not this round!  The number of people allowed on sim has been upped, and if you run into a “full sim” message like I did, just keep trying – believe me when I say the goodies are so worth it.

So – you all know the drill…lots of carts, lots of stuff, 10L or under prices.  But did you know we have almost 90 merchants taking part this time? Or that we have a whole bunch of new faces?  Or that almost every merchant has made brand, spankin’ new items for this sale? We’re talking fresh off the line, insanely discounted items from your favorite designers.  You can’t beat that as a way to welcome summer into SL.

Dress light, leave the heavy scripts at home and come play with us at the Cart Sale.  Hope to see you there and happy shopping!

Event Dates: June 15 – July 6
Your ride to the Cart Sale: Here
List of Participating Merchants: Here


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