Halfway point for the Indian Summer Cart Sale…

There are only 6 shopping days left for the Indian Summer Cart Sale currently going on at the Wash, so if you have not yet made a trip over to check out all the goodies, I suggest you get a move on before you miss out! We have one more peek at some of the... Continue Reading →

Can’t Sleep? Come Shop!

We're back.....with more great items available right now at the Indian Summer Cart Sale Event hosted by the Wash! Every post, we talk about all the stuff you can find, something for every taste and so on, but this post is a great illustration of how when we say something for everyone we mean it.... Continue Reading →

Night on the Beach, Anyone?

I greeted the morning shift in Second Life with the previous post, so here is a shout out to you night time shoppers! Imagine this: The sun is going down, the sky is a blaze of red, orange and pink...you are sitting on a beach with the huge bonfire going...the sweet scent of s'mores competing... Continue Reading →

Come play with us at the Wash!

Good morning, Second Life (or afternoon/evening, depending where in the wide world you are)! It is a glorious sun-filled day here at the Wash with wide blue skies, fresh air, and streets filled with treasure! Okay, maybe not pirate gold type treasure, but with the Indian Summer Cart Sale going on, it feels like you... Continue Reading →

Indian Summer Indulgence

Indian summer is the perfect time of year for mixing up those light, floaty summer dresses and tops with lightweight cardigans, favorite broken-in jeans, comfortable shorts, in ways that let you extend the carefree look of summer a little longer before surrendering to fall's cozier dressing. Bohemian styles abound and the best color palettes are... Continue Reading →

We got it – You want it!

We got stuff...the good stuff...the stuff that makes your neighbors green with envy and your significant others take you out and show you off. We got stuff you didn't even know you absolutely need in your life until you see it. We even have stuff to make the old stuff you have look like new... Continue Reading →

Looking for a good time?

What's better than your birthday, Christmas and Black Friday all rolled up in one? The Indian Summer Cart Sale going on right now at the Wash! The streets of the sim have been filled to overflowing with all kinds of deals to help you say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. There is a... Continue Reading →

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