Come play with us at the Wash!

Good morning, Second Life (or afternoon/evening, depending where in the wide world you are)! It is a glorious sun-filled day here at the Wash with wide blue skies, fresh air, and streets filled with treasure! Okay, maybe not pirate gold type treasure, but with the Indian Summer Cart Sale going on, it feels like you are making off with oodles of stolen loot. You all know the routine by now – 10L items, specials listed at 50L, more designers than you can shake a stick at, and limited time on these deals. But, did you know that the Cart Sale events hosted by the Wash are one of the longest running sales events in SL? You don’t get this kind of longevity without being a shopper’s favorite, so if you haven’t been down yet, today is the perfect day for it.

Hope to see you there (I will be the one sitting at the water’s edge sipping on my pink adult beverage and reveling in the beautiful Indian Summer weather) and happy shopping!

Event Dates: September 14th – 28th
Your ride to the Cart Sale: Here





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