Night on the Beach, Anyone?

I greeted the morning shift in Second Life with the previous post, so here is a shout out to you night time shoppers! Imagine this: The sun is going down, the sky is a blaze of red, orange and pink…you are sitting on a beach with the huge bonfire going…the sweet scent of s’mores competing with the salt air and smoke…the sound of breaking waves and happy people talking and laughing. You and your special someone curled up on a blanket by the fire, it’s heat just enough to take the slight bit of chill out of the air as you enjoy one of summer’s last nights. Sounds nice, right? Indian summer, folks. We can’t promise you the beach, but we can give you all the things you need to set up your own Indian Summer celebration here in SL.

This round of the Indian Summer Cart sale is chock full of everything you could want and more to make this time of year just perfect. From clothing to decor for your home, we have it all covered. Come on down and check us out – and cling just a little longer to your own summer dreams.

Happy Shopping!

Event Dates: September 14th – 28th
Your ride to the Cart Sale: Here





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