Holidays have hit the Wash!

Even the scroogiest person out there cannot resist the charms of the December Cart Sale Event which opened today at the Wash! We do these Cart Sale events a few times a year, but the December round is always one of the best – not just because we have some amazing designers taking part, but because its a chance for you to not only pick up a little pretty for yourself, but also to get a fabulous gift for that special someone without breaking the bank.

The merchants have all put out items this round that are transferable, so you can come down and take care of those last minute SL gift giving needs in a heartbeat. Everything is 10L and some of it seriously needs to be seen to get the full impact of just how gorgeous these items are. The designers really did a stellar job (and I can say that, having seen what’s in my magical blogger sack of goodies to share over the next few days!) and there is something to please just about anyone on your holiday shopping list.

Stay tuned to this channel for more posts showcasing the best of the December Cart Sale!

Cart Sale Info

Dates: December 14th to January 4th
Where:  The Wash
List of participating merchants: Here

Happy Shopping!




dark water designs1
dark water designs2
dark water designs3

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