Less than a week to Christmas!

This is the best and worst time of the year – I adore the holidays and all the festive things going on, but at the same time, it’s almost impossible to focus and get things done with all the festive things going on!  So, better late than never – here is another peek at some of the great things you can find at The Wash during the current December Cart Sale event.

I make an effort with the Wash posts to showcase as many of the items as possible and to not let my personal bias influence the posts – but OMG..I absolutely love the Ghost of Christmas Present from The Artist Shed.  It just tickled the punster in me to no end when I unpacked it.  There are so many gorgeous seasonal decor items available right now that if you love to decorate your personal space in SL for the holidays, you have GOT to get down to The Wash and do some serious shopping.   With so many items transferable right now, this is a great way to find a little something special for the important folks on your friends lists too – whether it be a pretty for their house or something fabulous to wear!

Cart Sale Info

Dates: December 14th to January 4th
Where:  The Wash
List of participating merchants: Here

Happy Shopping!





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