All I Want for Christmas…is more Cart Sale Stuff!

Things are getting hectic as we close in on the Christmas holiday (only 4 days to Christmas Eve – where in the heck has the time gone?!), but if you are looking for a little break in the chaos, come on by the Wash and check out all the lovely displays set out for the Winter Cart Sale event.  Take a little time to stroll the snow-kissed streets and indulge yourself in a little retail therapy or even grab a few last minute gift items if you haven’t yet completed your holiday shopping.  Everything is 10L and most of the designers have put out transferable items as well, so we have you covered.

Not going to have time to breathe, let alone shop before the holiday? No problem – the Winter Cart Sale goes until January 4th for those of you who are running around like demented little elves who got into the nog while getting your holiday under control!  =)

Cart Sale Info

Dates: December 14th to January 4th
Where:  The Wash
List of participating merchants: Here

Happy Shopping!




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chaotic creative2
chaotic creative3
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