Sleigh Bells Ring…

Oh, sorry, my bad - that's not sleigh bells I hear, it's the sound of savings jingling in my pocket!  That's right, folks - the December Cart Sale is open at the Wash and the sales are too good to pass up.  We have around 60 designers participating this round and in the spirit of... Continue Reading →

Holidays have hit the Wash!

Even the scroogiest person out there cannot resist the charms of the December Cart Sale Event which opened today at the Wash! We do these Cart Sale events a few times a year, but the December round is always one of the best - not just because we have some amazing designers taking part, but... Continue Reading →

Its Here!

I waited as long as I could, but patience has never been my strong point and this has been killing me more than having to wait on Christmas morning to open presents kills a 10-year old! THE DECEMBER CART SALE IS OPEN AT THE WASH! That's right, folks...the holidays have come to the Wash and... Continue Reading →

Official Winter Cart Sale Designer List!!!!!

Old Man Winter is Upon Us!!! Designer Listing!!! HOME .::battle fairy::. Loordes of London Artic Storm - Glⓘss - *baci* LUMINESSE Tool Shed Savoha Creations Low Prim Living Nail it Good! Brandy's Boutique Rispetto Designs KK-Home La Boheme Urbana Chic Kirei Maloney&Hudson Clutter for Builders Timeless Textures RESERVED FIRST 1 Hundred [ Aleutia ] The... Continue Reading →

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