Springtalicious Cart Sale is awash in color!

Its here! Its here! The Wash is back with the fantabulous Springtalicious Cart Sale Event! The sun is shining, the flower are starting to bloom, and The Wash has amazing deals on everything you could possibly need to kick start the warmer weather!

I have been wandering the sim a bit this evening, checking out all the different merchant kiosks and one thing that struck me is how vibrant everything looks this round. There is a riot of color and textures and some really beautiful items available right now – I’m not sure if its just that I was getting so tired of the winter blues, or what, but it is a real treat for the eyes just to window shop the carts. Of course, the best part is that if something catches your eye, its only 10L! (Ok, its maybe 50L, since some of the merchants have special 50L items out…but still, not gonna break the bank.)

The Springtalicious Cart Sale is a limited time event – only 2 weeks this round, from March 29th to April 12th, so be sure to come down and check things out.

Cart Sale Info
Dates: March 29th to April 12th
Where: The Wash
List of participating merchants/direct Slurls: Here

Happy shopping and hope to see you at The Wash!





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