Only 6 Days Left @ the Springtalicious Cart Sale!

I am finally reaching the bottom of my blogger bag, so this will be the last post for this round of the Springtalicious Cart Sale. I have had a blast showing off all the great items this round. My personal style runs to black on black everything, but I have been sorely tempted to throw... Continue Reading →

Springtalicious Cart Sale Madness!

If you have ever looked in your SL closet, sighed in disappointment and thought to yourself, "I have nothing fun to wear!"....or if you have ever looked around your SL home and wondered just what you could do to give the space a little more wow factor - there is just one cure: The Springtalicious... Continue Reading →

Springtalicious Beauty Abounds

"Then spring came. The white blanket melted away, the evergreens and spruces scented the air with their new growth; the little streams rushed hither and thither as if they were joyfully carolling, birds sang and built everywhere. Children were out for wild flowers, and raced around like deers." - Amanda Minnie Douglas, "A Little Girl... Continue Reading →

Spring is in the Air @ The Wash!

I had intended to post this a few hours ago but apparently my sleep schedule was not onboard and my brain insisted on naptime. Silly brain - doesn't it know there is shopping to be done and deals to find? Now that the brain has been refreshed and the shopaholic genes are back in control... Continue Reading →

Sunday at The Wash

Its been a lovely low-key Sunday, spent taking a few more shots of pretties from the Springtalicious Cart Sale and battling to make room in my inventory for more stuff. The good kind of Sunday, where you can almost forget that tomorrow it's back to the usual workweek grind. If you, like me, find that... Continue Reading →

Happy Weekend!

It's a beautiful day in the Wash neighborhood! The Springtalicious Cart Sale is in full swing - chock full of seasonal pieces to spruce up your wardrobe or living space. Think light colors, floral prints, green growing things. There are around 60 merchants taking part in this round, so there is plenty to see and... Continue Reading →

Good Morning, Early Birds!

Good morning, early birds! Or at least it will be morning when the sun comes up. It is, however, the weekend - 2 days off from the normal 9-5 grind. Its the perfect time to pop over to the Wash and check out the Springtalicious Cart Sale! Whether you are looking for a pretty little... Continue Reading →

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