Sunday at The Wash

Its been a lovely low-key Sunday, spent taking a few more shots of pretties from the Springtalicious Cart Sale and battling to make room in my inventory for more stuff. The good kind of Sunday, where you can almost forget that tomorrow it’s back to the usual workweek grind. If you, like me, find that the idea of having something brand new that looks good, fits perfectly and can lift your mood makes it a little easier to face the coming week – then you need to get yourself down to the Cart Sale right away!

This round has tons of pretty spring clothing and home items to choose from that will lighten your mood and *not* lighten your wallet. The designers have gone all out in breathing life into the “Springtalicious” theme, with a wide variety of colors, patterns, and prints that all celebrate this season of renewal. It is definitely worth making some time to come poke around the various kiosks lining the streets – you never know what you might find.

Cart Sale Info
Dates: March 29th to April 12th
Where: The Wash
List of participating merchants/direct Slurls: Here

Happy shopping and hope to see you at The Wash!






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