Springtalicious Beauty Abounds

“Then spring came. The white blanket melted away, the evergreens and spruces scented the air with their new growth; the little streams rushed hither and thither as if they were joyfully carolling, birds sang and built everywhere. Children were out for wild flowers, and raced around like deers.” – Amanda Minnie Douglas, “A Little Girl in Old St. Louis”

Pretty words for a pretty time of the year. The Springtalicious Cart Sale currently going on at The Wash is the perfect place to find yourself some new pretties in keeping with the season. The streets are awash with bright spring colors, rich prints and textures, all manner of new items to help herald the change from winter cold to warmer weather. This is the perfect time to give things an overhaul – from your current wardrobe to your living spaces, we have got some amazing things to help you bring a little bit of that joyful spring into your Second Life.

Cart Sale Info
Dates: March 29th to April 12th
Where: The Wash
List of participating merchants/direct Slurls: Here

Happy shopping and hope to see you at The Wash!






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