The lazy days of summer are at your fingertips…

…during the summer edition of the Cart Sale!

I’ve come to the bottom of my sack o’ stuff to share with you here on the blog for this round of the Cart Sale, so this will be my last post until next time. However…the sale is still going strong until July 5th, which means 4 more days to get your summer-lovin’ buns down to the Wash and score yourself some truly fantastic deals. This round has been jam packed with great things for your wardrobe and your home, the merchants have embraced the summer edition concept with a vengeance, and you will be kicking yourself if you miss out – once Cart Sale pricing is over, you are going to be shelling out a LOT more for these same treats in their respective stores.

My thanks and appreciation to all the fabulous merchants who have been so generous this round in sending out their blog packs. There were times i was wading hip-deep in stuff, clicking photos like a loon, but every last one of you is a rock-star for sharing your items with the blog.

Cart Sale Info
Dates: June 21st to July 5th
Where: The Wash
List of participating merchants/direct Slurls: Here

Happy shopping and hope to see you at The Wash!


2nd Bs25_1
2nd Bs25_2
2nd Bs25_3

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