Cart Sale @ The Wash – 10th Anniversary Round

I have finally come to the bottom of my bloggery bag of goodness, folks, so this will be my last post for this round of the Cart Sale. I've only shared a portion of what you will find at the event, so if anything has tickled your interest, get yourself down to the Wash and... Continue Reading →

10 Years of Cart Sale

We are almost a week into the special 10th Anniversary round of the Cart sale at the Wash - have you been yet? This is definitely not a round you want to miss - in addition to the usual fantabulous sales ( most kiosk items are priced at 10L a pop, with a few special... Continue Reading →

Cart Sale is in full swing!

Where can you find everything from the sexiest (and cutest!) halloween costume to perfect autumnal decor items to sleek and elegant fall fashion?  Right here at the 10th Anniversary of the Wash's Cart Sale Event.  The streets are filled with cart after cart of amazing deals and gifts, so give yourself some time to come... Continue Reading →

Party On at the Wash

One of the unique features of the Cart Sale events is that it brings together such a diverse group of merchants and designers for each round. One of the most amazing features is that they have been bringing together these diverse groups multiple times a year for 10 years.  That's right - we have a... Continue Reading →

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

  Welcome to the weekend! Time to kick back, relax, get yourself a little down time - and what better way to unwind after along week than to hop on over to the Cart Sale and indulge in a little celebrating?  We have some fantastic shopping deals, all kinds of gachas, some free gifties, and... Continue Reading →

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