Beat the Monday Blues at the Cart Sale!

Its Monday again, and I am procrastinating having to jump into my work day – SL is so much more fun than RL, especially on a Monday morning.  So while I should be going over appointments and making sure I have all the necessary paperwork for them, instead, I thought I would bring my fellow procrastinators another look at some of the amazing items you can find during this round of the Cart Sale at the Wash.

We’ve got kiosk after kiosk of sale items (10L with a few special 50L items), free gifts to help celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the event, and lots of gachas.  I have had a couple people contact me saying they are having trouble finding the Gacha Laundromat on the sim.  Its super easy: There are sandwich boards all over the sim (marked by clusters of balloons) that can teleport you directly there, or you can follow the neon green strobing arrows embedded in the streets of the Wash itself.  If you are feeling really adventurous, you can simply follow the main street around the perimeter of the sim until you see the giant GACHA sign over the building!

I will be back later tonight with another peek at the goodies, provided of course, I manage to survive the day without sneaking back sooner!  Have a good week, everyone, and hope to see you at the 10th Anniversary Round of Cart Sale.

Cart Sale Info
Dates: Oct 11th to Nov 1st
Where: The Wash
List of participating merchants/direct Slurls: Here

Happy shopping!



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