Sunny Side Up Cart Sale Application!!

Sunny Side Up Wash Cart Sale May 2018 Poster


Read whole note card before entering.

Info Required:


Store Name:

Do you make your own products?:

Landmark to main location:

Have you been in any of the a Wash sales before?

Sunny Side Up Cart Sale @ The Wash
May 2nd to May 16th 2018 (2 weeks)
Have at least 2 brand new Items if not all new to sell. Not just
Old creations recolored. Blogger’s as well as shoppers do remember
what you had out in previous events.
Only one person to display, no sharing even for business partners, each person needs their own display.
You will be able to place 10 prims. (plus 10 prim for your logo and or decor)
Items priced L$10 or less.
Optional 1 50L special offer.
Not textures from the template kit.
No copyrighted images on anything.
Must have at least 5 items for sale on your display
No ad/vendor textures bigger than 512×512
Only scripted object may be a “touch” lm giver OR a group inviter.
All objects must be on your display

To Be Considered For Event:
*You must have an in world main store.
*All items
*NO resell or BIAB items in store.
*NO affiliate Items.
*No gachas
*Template use is fine as long as you make YOUR OWN textures.
*There must be at least 25 items for sale in your store to considered for entry
*Your av must be at least one year of age.
Deadline for application is April 27th 2018 or till no more spots are left.
Applications are to be sent to – Oniquee Tomorrow.

***Designers L$650 at time of approval.***
Reserved locations at landmark
(please ask if any are left before paying for these)

8 front ones L$1400 each
8 seconds ones L$1150 each

(When you receive your approval letter it is time to pay. If you are not already in group, now is the time you will be invited, not before)

Tenants 6 months or longer on the Wash sim you will be able to place items on the display in front of your store or as close as I can reserve a display for you, for free. However, if you want a front location you will need to pay the correct adjusted fee.

Applications and entry fees are to be sent to – Oniquee Tomorrow.
Contact Grace Selene for Help or questions related to the event or Wash sim

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