Jingle, Jingle!

Hear that tinkling sound? That’s the sound of spare change jostling around in your pocket.  Tired of being confused for a set of sleigh bells this season? Come on down to the Winter Wonderland Cart Sale at The Wash and let us turn those jingling lindens into heaps of holiday goodies!

We’re celebrating the season for the next couple weeks at The Wash, and you don’t want to miss it!  Over 60 designers from all over SL have come together for this round of the event, and the sim is overflowing with holiday cheer.  We have all kinds of home decor and seasonal fashion, guaranteed to meet even the most exacting of taste.  For this round, items are priced at the usual 10L, with the addition of a special 50L item from each merchant.

If that isn’t enough incentive to come take a peek around at what we have to offer, there is also the Treasure Trove Yardsale to explore.  Commons or rares, there is a little bit of everything and when I was there last night, it was chock full of all kinds of seasonal items, giving you yet another way to score the perfect deal on things to make your SL holidays perfect.

Winter Wonderland will be open until January 2nd, so you have plenty of time to come do a little shopping throughout the holidays.

Winter Wonderland Cart Sale Info
Dates: December 12th to January 2nd
Where: The Wash

Happy shopping!


Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes

Magnum Opus

Mishmash Fusion

ML Fashion

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