Baby, its cold outside!

Wintry evenings are upon us, and that makes it the perfect time to curl up with a hot mug of cocoa, maybe a cookie or two, and treat yourself to some holiday shopping in SL (which is a bonus all its own – no parking issues, no slippery sidewalks, no crowded malls!).

The Winter Wonderland Cart Sale is happening at The Wash from now until January 2nd. There is a fabulous group of designers participating in this round and they have set out a gorgeous array of fashion, home decor and DIY items to suit every holiday taste. For this round, most items are 10L and the designers have put out a special 50L item as well.

While you are poking around the sim checking out the carts, if those aren’t enough deals for you (as if!), there is also the Treasure Trove Yardsale to explore as well.  You will find a little bit of everything there at reasonable prices – including a ton of fantastic holiday items.

It is easy to get overwhelmed this time of year between the hectic pace of real life and the hectic pace of SL holiday events, so be sure to be kind to yourself and take a little time to slow down and enjoy yourself at The Wash.

Winter Wonderland Cart Sale Info
Dates: December 12th to January 2nd
Where: The Wash

Happy shopping!


Storax Tree

Sweet Willows

The Home Store


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