Everything free at the Cart Sale!

Ha! April Fool’s!! Even we’re not crazy enough to make everything free at the Cart Sale, but made you look at the blog post! =)

Its Monday again, folks, the start of another work week for most of us. Hopefully everyone had a good weekend and was able to recharge their batteries before heading back into the fray. Just in case you are still feeling a little low energy or suffering a case of the Monday Blues, might I suggest a jaunt down to the “Spring has Sprung” event? The sim is awash in spring colors, new designs, and all kinds of things to bring a little warm weather tranquility into your SLife.

Something else we are trying out (and this is *not* an April Fool’s joke!) is the 5L Daily Special. Battle Fairy has put out another cute spring dress, this one with a chic city vibe to the color scheme. The dress is available for the next 24 hours at the insane price of only 5L. After that, it goes back to the normal 10L cart sale price for the remainder of the event.

Come on down and check out all the pretties – you never know what you might find!

Spring Has Sprung Cart Sale Info
Dates: March 20th to April 10th
Where: The Wash

Happy shopping!


Battle Fairy 5L Monday Special

Kiosk Location: 5L Monday Special

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