Sizzling Summer at the Wash!

Hello Sun-lovers!

The sun is shining, the days are hot, the beaches are calling, and The Wash is happy to announce the start of the Sizzling Summer Cart Sale! This is promising to be an amazing round for Cart Sale – there are over 50 fantastic stores included in the lineup for this event and I am absolutely giddy with glee over the items I am seeing pass through my bloggery little hands. If you love summer and all things warm weather-related, this is an event you do not want to miss out on.

The Cart Sale opened today and will run until July 24th, so no worries about having to rush over right away in case you have 4th of July plans. The new pricing format is in effect, with items ranging from 10-25L, a special 50L item and for this particular round, most merchants have also put out a gift item. This means no matter what your budget, we have you covered!

Keep an eye on this blog space, I will be posting peeks at what you can find throughout the event (or until my blogger bag runs dry) of some of the great items you will find. Keep in mind too, for all the goodies I post here, there is always a ton to explore and find for yourself at the event. Happy shopping!

Sizzling Summer Cart Sale Info
Dates: July 3rd to July 24th
Where: The Wash

Happy shopping!



Kiosk Location: Biker BrAAtz and BAstards


Kiosk Location: Dark Knight Decor


Kiosk Location: Dream Factory

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