Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Ok, not exactly the most inspired of titles for this post, but accurate for the moment.  I am cozily ensconced at my keyboard, iced tea at my elbow, gorgeous view of the sun, some palm trees and a hibiscus bush in bloom out the window, and best of all: plugged into SL and the Sizzling Summer Cart Sale.  Cynics might say why not turn off the computer and go out and enjoy the sunshine, but believe me, this right here is paradise – its freakin’ hot and sticky out there!  =)

Summer weather is always perfect in SL – and I have another post full of things that you can get at the current round of Cart Sale to make your vision of SL summer as perfect as possible.  I was excited to see so many nautical theme items this round as well – to me, nautical and tropical embody the summer spirit.

As always, you can find most of these goodies for 10-25L. A few items are 50L and there are oodles of freebie gifts to be found.  The event runs until July 24th at The Wash. Hope to see you there and happy shopping!

Sizzling Summer Cart Sale Info
Dates: July 3rd to July 24th
Where: The Wash


KK Homes1
KK Homes2
KK Homes3

Kiosk Location: KK Home


Kiosk Location: Shoe-Ddiction


Kiosk Location: Battle Fairy

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