Happy Fridays are here at The Wash!

It’s the halfway point for this round of the Cart Sale and these Sizzling Summer deals are hot, hot, HOT!  Beachwear, summer casual, even a few sexy little hot summer night numbers for those who want to flaunt that perfect summer tan can be found aty some of the best prices you will find right now in SL.  Fashion not your thing? How about lush greenery, comfy furnishings or that perfect bit of summer decor to complete your SL summer getaway? We have you covered and then some.

On a personal note, I just wanted to let you readers know how much I love this event: I hate snakes. Seriously hate them. With a burning, fiery passion that borders on paranoid, mindless fear.  And yet, if you look below, I manned up (womanned up?) and faced my fear – the bento animated snake belt from Catsclaw Designs. This thing is scary. It moves on its own and completely creeped me out.  And yes, it comes sized for you guys as well. Kudos to those of you who are brave enough to wear it!

The event runs until July 24th, so you have around 2 more weeks of shopping before it all goes poof. Most items are in the 10-25L range, with some at 50L. While you are here shopping, remember to keep your eyes open for the complimentary gifts many of our merchants have put out. Don’t forget about the Treasure Trove gacha yardsale and the lovely shops that call The Wash home while you are here too – you never know what you might find.

Hope to see you there and happy shopping!

Sizzling Summer Cart Sale Info
Dates: July 3rd to July 24th
Where: The Wash



Kiosk Location: CatsClaw Designs


Kiosk Location: Dixie Dandelion & Designs


Kiosk Location: Innerlove Joy Tattoos

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