Sizzling Summer Sunday!

It’s been a glorious weekend here in SL with tons of events, parties and all around fun going on – hope you were able to indulge in some of it!  One of the best events right now is the Sizzling Summer Cart Sale, midway through its current round at The Wash. Everything you need to keep the fun going is right here – cute summer outfits, bright party gear (those long dresses from Mishmash Fusion are begging for a beach party and icy cold margaritas!) and tons of things to perk up your living space and create the ultimate summer ambiance for your own get togethers.

Since this *is* a Cart Sale event, you know we’re not going to break the bank – most items are priced from 10-25L, which practically makes them a steal.  Certain items are tagged at 50L and there are even a plethora of freebie gifts (keep an eye out for those pretty teal packages!) to delight your senses.

The event runs until July 24th, so you have about 10 more days before these deals are gone forever – if you haven’t made a trip down yet to browse our streets, what are you waiting for?

Hope to see you there and happy shopping!

Sizzling Summer Cart Sale Info
Dates: July 3rd to July 24th
Where: The Wash



Kiosk Location: Artic Storm


Kiosk Location: Crom


Kiosk Location: Luminesse


Kiosk Location: Mishmash Fusion

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