Cool N Crisp Cart Sale Application!!!

cool n crisp nov 2019 event poster


Crisp N Cool Cart Sale
Nov. 1st. to Nov. 22 2019

Thanks so much for partaking in our event. Here is some information for you. Sim. Displays will be placed along the side of the streets on The Wash sim. Set up will start Oct 27th or sooner. I will be roaming around then all day until I pass out, helping people find places and IMing people if you not already there.
Bloggers: Please, if you have favorite bloggers that cover your events or store feel free to drop me or Shadowed Luik a notecard
with their name and we will contact them. They can apply to cover the event and added to the blogging system to receive the blogger’s pack.

Remember, if you don’t drop a blogger’s pack don’t expect to get
any of your items blogged. Also blogger’s need inspiration. Put out
at least two brand new items. Not just old recolored Items.

The Wash renters 6 months or longer are automatically approved and no entry fee needed, Any outside designers when you receive this letter it means you can pay Oniquee Tomorrow for entry fee and good to IM to let me know that you have done so. Names will be added to the list on the washes blog when fee is paid, when I am able.

At the time when fee is paid you will get your group invite if you are not already in the group.

Some Of The Rules:

You will be able to place up to 15 vendors (old prims)NO scripted vendors. No exceptions.
Example 6 .priced at 25L and 6 priced at 10L
and optional 1 50L item
and optional complimentary gift
You will be alloted 10 additional prims for store sign and/or decor

Total of 25 Prims.
NO SCRIPTED vendors.
5 Scripts optional. But still not for Scripted Vendors and i repeat that because no matter how many times i put it in the application or approval letter, there are always a few put them out.
All Items must be your own creations
Event Flickr page if you would like to post your event advertisment’s: Anything posted not related to event will be deleted.

any questions Contact Grace Selene
for Progress, follow us at:
any questions Contact Grace Selene

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