Now that Halloween is over, its time to shake off the sugar coma and enjoy a few more weeks of sanity before the holiday madness begins. What better way than with the Crisp N Cool Cart Sale? We are celebrating all the best of late Fall/early Winter with some amazing deals on gorgeous cool weather clothes, seasonal decor and more!

This round of the Cart Sale will run from November 1st to November 22nd, so you have a couple weeks to make your way down to The Wash. Each kiosk has items set out for 10-25L and a special item for 50L. Many of our merchants have also set out lovely gifts to sweeten the shopping experience even more.

Keep an eye on this blog space over the next few days – we will be bringing you peeks at what you will find at the event. Happy Shopping!

Crisp N Cool Cart Sale Info
Dates: November 1st to 22nd
Where: The Wash


Dream Factory - Mimosas are Life

Av: Genesis Lab “Lena” head, Genesis Lab “Meiko” skin, Monso “Nekotto” hair, personal shape
Outfit:  Dream Factory “Alina I” dress – 10L @ The Cart Sale, Breathe “Nyoko” Heels
Props: Dahlia “Gokotta” mimosa and waffle items

Kiosk Location: Dream Factory


EC Designs - When I am with you, the world disappears...

Av: Genesis Lab “Lena” head, Genesis Lab “Meiko” skin, Truth “Surrender” hair, personal shape
Outfit: Mossu “Grace Lingerie” bra and panties, Gabriel “Off Shoulder Shirt”
Av: AK “Leon” head, SDS “Sang” skin, Dura “B97” hair, personal shape
Outfit: Gabriel “SweatLine Pants B”
Furnishings: EC Designs “Sophisticate Cuddle Loveseat, leather” – 10L @ The Cart Sale

Kiosk Location: EC Designs

Captured Waters - But I'm Helping!

Av: Genesis Lab “Lena” head, Genesis Lab “Meiko” skin, Truth “Scout” hair, personal shape
Outfit: Blueberry “Can’t Relate” shorts, cardigan and top, ROC “Sneaker!”
Pose: Captured Waters “Cappuccino” – 25L @ The Cart Sale
Props: Black Bantam “Puggy Pup Confused”, furnishings from Sayo gachas (Ocean Oasis caged lamp, Midnight in Manhattan bar, Vice City Biscayne sofa, Bungalow Retreat pebble table, concrete side table, succulents)

Kiosk Location: Captured Waters

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