Fall at The Wash

Autumn is the transitional season that eases us from the hot, scorching dog days of summer into the icy embrace of winter’s solitude. This time of year is filled with crisp golden afternoons, the scent and sight of changing leaves, and the first cool hint of frost in the evening air. Think sweaters, scarves, fresh apples, hot cocoa, the scent of wood smoke drifting in the air. Right now at The Wash’s Cart Sale, we are channeling our inner Fall love into fantastic deals for you.

The theme for this round is “Crisp N Cool” and that means you can find everything you need for your own perfect transition: fashion and home decor to reflect your own love of this time of year. The event runs from now until November 22nd, so you have plenty of time to drop by and shop while gearing up for the coming holiday season. Prices for this round are 10-25L for most items, with most vendors also including a 50L item. You may even find a scattering of gifts here and there if you keep your eyes open.

Crisp N Cool Cart Sale Info
Dates: November 1st to 22nd
Where: The Wash


Savoha Creations - Autumn Gold

Av:  Genesis Lab “Lena” head, Genesis Lab “Meiko” skin, Argrace “Mayu” hair, personal shape
Outfit:  Savoha Creations “Orange Print Dress” – 10L @ The Cart Sale, Empire “Bee Balm” shoes

Kiosk Location: Savoha Creations


Shae's Designs - Get Lost

Av:  Genesis Lab “Lena” head,  Genesis Lab “Meiko” skin, Barberyumyum “85” hair, personal shape
Outfit: Shae’s Designs “Stacye” shirt/skirt available @ The Cart Sale, N-Core “Alexandra” boots

Kiosk Location: Shae’s Design

Sam's Studio55 - Reception in White

Sam’s Studio55 “Guest Book Table” and “Delicate Flower Arrangement on Column” – 25L each @ The Cart Sale
Hive “Celebration Balloons”
Ionic Celebration Gacha “Reception Sign”
Scarlet Creative “Love Curtains” (gacha item)

Kiosk Location:Sam’s Studio55

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