Feeling Pretty?

Bet we can make you feel even prettier with some gorgeous new duds that are perfect for the cooler weather.  The Crisp N Cool Cart Sale has a little bit of everything to make your Fall/early Winter months amazing – from clothes to decor and anything inbetween.  And for those of you who have your seasons flipped and this time of year is when the weather starts warming up? You haven’t been left out – there are some pretty sexy items to be found that are perfect for sunny, hot days.

The Wash streets are filled with the Cart Sale kiosks right now, as well as the Treasure Trove yardsale area for gacha resale items and, of course, the home team of stores that are on the sim year round.  Taking a wander through the sim and checking out all the amazing things available is a great way to spend an afternoon relaxing in Second Life.

The Cart Sale runs through November 22nd and most items are priced at 10-25L, with the kiosks each having one special 50L item. Hope to see you there!

Crisp N Cool Cart Sale Info
Dates: November 1st to 22nd
Where: The Wash


Fantasy China - Ommmm

Av: Genesis Lab “Lena” head, Genesis Lab “Meiko” skin, Argrace “Azami” hair, Truth bangs. personal shape
Outfit: Addams “Zury” leggings, Blueberry group gift tank
Props: Fantasy China “Mesh Flower Lights” – 10L @ The Cart Sale, Puke Rainbows “Single Huge
Lotus Flower”, Nomad Aquae Spadanae gacha “Lotus Blue B”

Kiosk Location: Fantasy China




Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes - Don't Wanna Take Them Off

Av: Genesis Lab “Meiko” skin, Argrace “Azami” hair, Truth bangs, personal shape
Outfit: Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes “Hetvi” – 10L @ The Cart Sale
Props: Artisan Fantasy “Conquistador Bath”, Glitterati bathtub bubbles, {anc} bubbles, Vanilla Bae “Hamam Table Foam” gacha item

Kiosk Location: Lindy’s Modern & Retro Shoes

Dark Water Designs - Sleepy Time for Kittens

Av: Genesis Lab “Lena” head, Genesis Lab “Meiko” skin, Argrace “Miyabi” hair, personal shape
Outfit: Dark Water Designs “Fall Cream Outfit” – 25L @ The Cart Sale, Rowne “Jai Classic Pumps”
Props: O.M.E.N Mischievous Kittens gacha items, 22769 “Summer Hideaway” gacha rug, Newchurch “Flatiron Console” Set, Mirage “Potted Palm”

Kiosk Location: Dark Water Designs

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