The weekend is here!

We made it through another week and its time to kick back and relax for a bit.  SL is a great way to recharge your batteries when you have a little down time and right now at The Wash, the Crisp N Cool round of the Cart Sale is the perfect place to be.  The holidays are right around the corner and these precious few weeks before Thanksgiving are the last chance to unwind before everything kicks into high gear again. Why not spend them visiting us?

This round of Cart Sale is Fall themed, filled with all kinds of goodies to help celebrate this time of year.  Rich, vibrant autumn colors fill the kiosks, whether you are looking for something warm and snuggle to wear, something gorgeous to spice up your SL space, or even a few pretty little warm weather items for those of you lucky enough to be beach bound this time of year, depending where you live.

Most everything you will find is 10-25L, with a few select 50L specials thrown in for good measure.  The event runs until November 22nd, so make sure to set aside some time to come explore the sim.   In addition to the Cart Sale kiosks lining the streets, be sure to visit the Treasure Trove Yardsale for gacha resale items and all the lovely shops that call The Wash home.

Crisp N Cool Cart Sale Info
Dates: November 1st to 22nd
Where: The Wash

LpOca - Teatime

Decor: LpOca “Denver” Fireplace – 25L @ The Cart Sale
LpOca Autumn Hydrangea – 50L @ The Cart Sale
N4RS Opera Sofa, NOMAD Gustavian Coffee Table, llorisen Ellis Console Table. Dahlia Lazy Days Hydrangea, tarte. Garden Chandelier, DISORDERLY. Alice’s Tea Set Tea Service, DISORDERLY&CURELESS “Petit Blooms” gacha Rose Petit Fours and Mini Cake

Kiosk Location: LpOca



Oh Pair! - Midnight

Av: Genesis Lab “Lena” head, Genesis Lab “Meiko” skin, Limerence “Adetta” hair, personal shape
Outfit: Oh Pair! “Jayra” boots – 10L @ The Cart Sale
United Colors “Cartney” outfit, Villena “Rose Bud Fur Jacket”

Kiosk Location: Oh Pair!

Luna Rose - Artist at Work

Av: Genesis Lab “Lena” head, Genesis Lab “Meiko” skin, Truth “Horizon” hair, personal shape
Outfit: Dead Dollz Jolie Sweater, Blueberry DWL Jeans
Decor: Luna Rose “Art Easel” – 50L @ The Cart Sale
Luna Rose “Art Table” and “Art Canvas” – 25L each @ The Cart Sale
Artisan Fantasy “Art Studio” Storage Shelves, Paint Tubes, Brushes in Pot, Brushes on Wall

Kiosk Location: Luna Rose

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