What’s Crisp, Cool, and only here for a limited time?

If you guessed the “Crisp N Cool” Cart Sale going on right now at The Wash, you win a cookie! Ok, maybe not an actual cookie (although, wouldnt that be nice!) but you definitely get something good – especially if you head over to the event and do a little shopping. The streets are overflowing with great deals during this round.

Aside from the amazing limited time offers from the Cart Sale, you will find all kinds of goodies at the Treasure Trove Yardsale (a great spot for gacha resale items!) and among the various shops that call The Wash home.   The crown in the jewel right now is definitely the Cart Sale though – prices between 10-50L and gifts set out by many of the participating vendors.  This event runs through November 22nd, which means we are about at the half-way point for this round.  If you haven’t paid us a visit yet, don’t wait too much longer – you don’t want to miss out!

Crisp N Cool Cart Sale Info
Dates: November 1st to 22nd
Where: The Wash

Vicarious Youth - Autumn's Gold

Av: MM Tweenster Body, Fiore “Precious” head, Fiore “Doll” skin, Truth “Kyoko” hair, personal shape
Vicarious Youth “Furry Cat Earmuffs” – 10L @ The Cart Sale
Vicarious Youth “High Top Sneaker” – 10L @ The Cart Sale
Coco “Faux Fur Jacket with Scarf”

Kiosk Location: Vicarious Youth



Battle Fairy - Laundry Day

Av: Genesis Lab “Lena” head, Genesis Lab “Meiko” skin, Rowne Salon “Kimberly” hair, Truth “Joy” headband, personal shape
Battle Fairy “Dahlia” daisy shorts – 25L @ The Cart Sale
Battle Fairy “Dahlia” daisy tennis shoe – 25L @ The Cart Sale
Battle Fairy “Dahlia” daisy legwarmers – 25L @ The Cart Sale
Miwa’s Airship – Bunny with Me Top, Zoom Lotus Choker
Decor: Newchurch Flatiron Console Mirror, Kunst Elliot Bed, Kopfkino “Washing Day” gacha items

Kiosk Location: Battle Fairy

Dark Knight Decor - Autumn Sun Nap

Av: Genesis Lab “Lena” head, Genesis Lab “Meiko” skin, Argrace “Yonaga” hair, personal shape
Outfit: Blueberry “DWL Jeans”, Ducknipple “Sweater vs4”, Aphorism “Glastonbury Boots”
DKD “Fall Mums Trough” – 25L each @ The Cart Sale
DKD “Fall Bouquet” – 25L @ The Cart Sale
DKD “Fall Wine Tray” -50L @ The Cart Sale
tarte “Macrame hanging chair”, Cherry House “Harvest Season” gacha tea table, Trompe Loeil “Belasco Modern Cottage”, Trompe Loeil “Keliana” Loungers, [[RH]] “Cafe in the Park” gacha table, Jian “Santa’s Samoyeds” gacha dog

Kiosk Location: Dark Knight Decor

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