Last Dance, Last Chance!

We’re getting close to that time, folks – these are the last few days of the Crisp N Cool Cart Sale event!  It has been a delightful run this round, with all kinds of great autumn/early winter goodies to grab, but as with all good things, there must be an end.  This round will run until November 22nd, then the deals, steals and gifts will evaporate like the morning frost.  I saved a few fantastic kiosks to share pictures today just in case you need a little enticement to head over to the Wash.

Take a scroll back through the blog, see if there is anything you can’t live without and also – keep in mind that there are tons of shops participating in the event who are not pictured here, so you never know what you might find. There is a participating merchants page you can check to get direct Slurls to your favorite Cart Sale vendors, but I am firmly in the “wander the sim” group since there is so much more to see (Treasure Trove Yardsale and the many shops that call The Wash home) than just the Cart Sale event.

The clock is ticking, so hope to see you there before the event wraps up! Happy Shopping!

Crisp N Cool Cart Sale Info
Dates: November 1st to 22nd
Where: The Wash


Cat's Claw Designs - Accolades

Av: Genesis Lab “Lena” head, Genesis Lab “Meiko” skin, Monso “Nekotto” hair, personal shape
Outfit: Cat’s Claw Designs “Mesmerize Mini Dress” – 25L @ The Cart Sale
Cat’s Claw Designs “Trippy High Heels” – 10L @ The Cart Sale
Props: Sallie “Brunch in Green” gacha bouquet

Kiosk Location: Cat’s Claw Designs


De'Fient Unicorn - Reheated Takeout...Again

Av: Genesis Lab “Lena” head, Genesis Lab “Meiko” skin, Monso “Nekotto” hair, personal shape
Outfit: De’Fient Unicorn “Crop Top & Pants” – 25L @ The Cart Sale
Props:  Andika “Douce Vie” soup set items, Sari-Sari “Kitchen Essentials” gacha items, Vespertine “Spring Kitchenette” gacha items

Kiosk Location: De’Fient Unicorn

Luminesse - Stardust in my eyes

Av: Genesis Lab “Lena” head, Genesis Lab “Meiko” skin, This Is Wrong “Universe” gacha material skin shine, Truth “Lady”, “Ophelia”, “Dbl Side Wavy bangs” hair, Ikon “Sovereign” eyes, personal shape
Jewelry: Luminesse “Viteri Dragana Mask” – 25L @ The Cart Sale
[CX] “Enthrall” collar

Kiosk Location: Luminesse

Totally Random - Nightcap

Av: Genesis Lab “Lena” head, Genesis Lab “Meiko” skin, Truth “Daphne” hair, personal shape
Outfit: Totally Random “Mira” top – 50L @ The Cart Sale
Ricelli “Hanna” skirt, Gabriel “Leather Rolled Bracelet”, **RE** “Leather String” choker
Props: Backbone “I Drink and I Know things” gacha – whiskey set, +Soul+ Deco Star ashtray

Kiosk Location: Totally Random

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