Saturday at The Wash!

Hey, have you heard? The Cart Sale is going on at The Wash and it’s a great way to spend a bit of your Saturday night! Second Life is hopping this weekend with all kinds of events, sales, and more people than usual thanks to all these lockdowns going on and that in turn is making SL a little on the laggy side for a lot of folks. Those Linden Lab servers are being given a workout! So if you are trying to decide what to do tonight and hoping to avoid the worst of the crowds and lagginess, why not come give the Cart Sale a visit? The sim has been steadily busy all day, but the server gods are smiling and the lag has been pretty decent. This translates to a fun, enjoyable shopping experience as you wander the streets of the sim and check out all the kiosks filled with goodies.

Not only will you find great stuff on sale, but you will find rock bottom prices – these are serious deals, and this pricing will only last for the duration of the event. Many items are exclusives and once this round of Cart Sale ends, either won’t be seen again or will be at full price. Grab them now and save yourself a little linden!

Not enough to satisfy that shopping jones? There is also the Treasure Trove Gacha Yardsale to browse (and who doesnt love a good yardsale?) and the a host of full time shops that are on the sim year round that you can check out.

Happy shopping and see you there!

March Round Cart Sale Info
Dates: March 25th to April 15th
Where: The Wash


Top Photo Info:  Ballade – Chairs, table, rug, screen (Cart Sale items); {moss&mink} Sack Palm;  Apple Fall – Reading pile, rose bouquet, open book, nauticus shell vessel; {vespertine} hanging succulents – string of pearls; West Village Charleston curtains; Trompe Loeil – Winter River Chandelier; [ba] reference book shelves



Kiosk Location: Ballade

Baci  - Join Me

Av: Genesis Lab Lena head, Maitreya body, personal shape, Genesis Lab Meiko skin, Argrace “Azami” hair, Truth “Bangs Collection” add on
Outfit: Baci Hydrangea Pencil Dress (Cart Sale item), Rowne Jai Pumps, Cae Simplicity Pearl jewelry
Decor: BackBone Coco Cabana gacha – sofa, chair, table, lantern, plant

baci1 baci2

Kiosk Location: Baci Shops

Dark  Knight Decor - Its Too Early

Av: Genesis Lab Lena head, Maitreya body, personal shape, Genesis Lab Meiko skin, Argrace “Azami” hair
Outfit: Vinyl Chai Slip Dress, Sakura Chubby Bun Sleepmask
Decor: Dark Knight Decor Blueplate Special: Crepes (Cart Sale item), KOPFKINO XMas Dinner Table & Chairs, [what next} ‘Spring Bloom’ Tulip Planter, [FOURTH WALL] Skygge Wall Water Feature

darkknight1 darkknight2

Kiosk Location: Dark Knight Decor

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