Cart Sale Goodness

Another weekend is slowly wrapping up, so here is another peek at some of the goodies you can find at the current round of Cart Sale happening at The Wash. There are tons and tons of weekend sale events going on all over SL these days, but the Cart Sale remains one of the original and best events out there. With a run time of about 3 weeks, there is no panic to get in and get out before the deals are gone – the sim has plenty of room for lots of shoppers, you can take your time to poke around, explore a little bit, all without feeling rushed.

In addition to the amazing Cart kiosks lining the streets, The Wash is also home to an eclectic collection of full time stores (many having sales right now!) and the fantastic Treasure Trove Gacha Yardsale. There really is a little bit of everything there.

Hope to see you there and Happy Shopping!

November Round Cart Sale Info
Participating Merchants: SLurls can be found here.
Dates: November 4th to November 25th
Where: The Wash


Top Photo Info:

Shadow: Maitreya body, GL Lena head, GL Mieko skin, Silvery K Tubaki-Hime #15 hair

Wearing: Leave Your Mark Tattoo– Family Values (Cart Sale item)
HiLu – Seiza pose/White Kimono

Scene: The Bearded Guy – Red Core, Asian Walls backdrop
Dynasty – Sacred Shrine gacha items & Mirthful Dining gacha Candlesticks
CF – Wall Scroll, Autumn


Leave Your Mark Tattoo

Cwtch - Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Okay

Scene: Cwtch – It’s Okay Prints Set (Cart Sale items)
PPK – Bookcase
YN – Wall light, Plueu
22769 – Wooden Coffee Table
BC – Khaga Fish Patina Statue Column
Black Sand – Honey Sofa, black edition
Spargel & Shine Homes – Coffee Table Books x 3 Willy Nilly
Paper Crowns – Catplants, cactus & herbs
Moss&Mink – Tealight Globes, Sack Palm
Vespertine – Monkey Mask Vine Monstera
Malone – Jade Rug
Focus Poses – Christmas Loft Backdrop/Empty


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