Another Saturday Night at The Wash

Time for another peek at the amazing goodies you can find at the November round of Cart Sale. I know, I know – I say this every round, but seriously, did you see how cute those goblins are? Cart Sale never disappoints when it comes to providing a wide range of great items at amazing prices. We’re half way through the current round, so you still about a week and a half to get your butt down here and see what you can find. I’ve been posting a couple stores every day since the event opened, but there is so much more from our participating merchants that never makes it into the blog.

The event runs until November 25th, so be sure to make some time (maybe this weekend?) to head over to The Wash and see what we have in store for you!

Hope to see you there and Happy Shopping!

November Round Cart Sale Info
Participating Merchants: SLurls can be found here.
Dates: November 4th to November 25th
Where: The Wash


Top Photo Info:

Scene: The Dark Fae – Elemental Goblins Fire & Air statues, KooKoo Bird Black Statue (Cart Sale items)
Kalopsia – Kootsie Set – Candy Bowl (Pumpkin)
Linden Labs – 2019 Cauldron of Halloween Candy v2.0
LOVE – Scattered Christmas Candy Corn – Peppermint & Twists
The Bearded Guy – Terrifying Sensations gacha, Abandonados backdrop


The Dark Fae

Dark Knight Decor - Silent Nights
Scene: Dark Knight Decor – Hanging Candle Holder, gold (Cart Sale item)
Silvery K – Christmas tree, black
Half-Deer – Mini Ceramic Village, white (color modded)
LOVE – Garland and Bows
Varonis – Sombre Skybox

Dark Knight Decor

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