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SD Wears @ Car Wash


Well I think I have been lazy long enough and it’s time for me to get on the ball and start doing the store highlights again.  Well this time I am highlighting SD Wears by Desdemona Young.  She has been with Car Wash since the beginning and has some awesome clothes for both men and women.

Picnik collage7

First up we have the SD Icon Tops and SD Icon Pattern Pants.  These super sexy tops are sold in a pack of 4 colors for 175L. The pants are also sold in a pack of 4 different patterns for 175L.

Picnik collage8

Next we have the Icon Pattern Tops and the solid Icon Pants. You get 4 different pattern tops for 175L and 4 different color pants, also for 175L.

Picnik collage3

I love these SD Connection Animal Print Swimsuits.  All 3 animal prints are in a pack for 175L.

Picnik collage5

These are the Glimmer Gaze Tops that come in a chubby pack of purple, green, indigo and copper for 250L.

Picnik collage4

This Beautiful gown is SD Awaken outfit in Dawn.  In picture 2 is the SD Vestige Gown in Storm. Both sell for 175L.

Picnik collage6

The last outfit for my post is the SD Koochie Pink Outfit which sells for 175L. 

There are so many awesome things there that I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to put in this post.  You definately need to check out SD Wears.  The prices rock too! 

Oh… and there are some great men’s items in there too!

Your funky cab ride to SD Wears on Car Wash




Nacht Musik is the store I am going to highlight this week.  It’s located on the Car Wash sim and has great clothing at great prices.  I got the nM Madras Shorts Fat Pack for 200L.  It contains 6 different colored pairs of shorts with prim cuffs and they come in 2 layer options.  Each indiviual pair of shorts costs only 50L and can be worn by both the guys and the girls.

nacht musik

nacht musik2

nacht musik3

nacht musik4

nacht musik5

nacht musik6

There are all 6 colors – red, pink, green, brown, blue and black, and with a price of 50L each, you have to come get them.  Taxi fair included

Goodies from Transylvanian Trading Post and Altered Egos



Rocky Horror Lips Poster, Transylvanian Flag and Pole 2009, Rocky Horror Fishnets, Rocky Horror Garters V1, Tranny Party Hat, Tranny Shades V1.

Lots of Stuff from NachtMusik



nM Paint it Purple Gloves, Pants, Shirt, and Undershirt.


NachtMusik East Brainz Shirt with nM Blood Flowers Leather Pants.


nM Freebie Black Shirt and nM Blood Flowers Leather Pants.


nM Freebie Black Shirt Cropped and nM Blood Flowers Leather Pants.