Mr. Rufus’s Hood – August Spotlight

A rose by any other name is not a rose, or in this case an Orchid. Yes everyone it has been some time since the last edition of Mr. Rufus’s Hood, but the fire has been lit again.    I have taken my vacation and went to the high mountains and found a wild flower... Continue Reading →

Mr. Rufus’s Hood

Sometimes you just walk around and find spare change, other times you find clothing. Such is the case with one “Cool Cat” named Austin “Not the” Riddler. He is my spotlight for this issue of Mr.Rufus's Hood. This guy brings a much appreciated fun time to the Car Wash and The Wash area. Austin has... Continue Reading →

Mr. Rufus’s Hood

Hello again from Mr. Rufus’s hood. This week’s spotlight is on Aquaticaa Gossipgirl. Much like the ivy on my house, she has a personality that just grows on you.  I first met Aquaticaa when she floated(literally) into the Car Wash looking for a job. Now much like others that come in that are fairly new,... Continue Reading →

Mr. Rufus Hood

Hello everyone let me introduce myself a little bit. My name is Rufus Firecaster and I am a host at the Car Wash and a resident of the Car Wash area. As I work at the Car Wash I get to meet new and interesting people every day. From time to time I will be... Continue Reading →

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