One more time…

Whew - I am just about down to the bottom of my bag of blogger goodies for this round of the Cart Sale! Its been an amazing 2 weeks of working through the blog packs and getting to try on so many of the terrific things you can find at this round. While my time... Continue Reading →

Its a new week at The Wash!

Hope everyone is doing well - I've been remiss in getting my posts online, but tonight the internet gods have been kind and I've got another look at some amazing Cart Sale items you can find at the March round happening at The Wash. The event is just over halfway finished, so if you haven't... Continue Reading →

Week Two: Cart Sale Continues

"Dear Diary, I'm entering the second week of this voluntary lockdown, and I'm starting to go stir-crazy. I've done a house cleaning that puts normal spring cleaning to shame, color sorted my closet, caught up on my Netflix and Hulu watch lists, and am still procrastinating on cleaning up my SL inventory - although another... Continue Reading →

Tuesday @ The Wash Cart Sale

We're almost a week into this round of The Wash's March Cart Sale event and we've been having a great time checking out all offerings from the different designers. I have another look at some of the amazing things you can find this time around - but keep in mind, folks, we barely scratch the... Continue Reading →

Everyday is like Sunday

Amid all the craziness happening in the world right now, it's important to remember a couple things. First and foremost - be kind to each other. Everyone is dealing with their own particular stresses these days and it's easy to forget we're not the only ones having a hard time. That extra smile or a... Continue Reading →

Saturday at The Wash!

Hey, have you heard? The Cart Sale is going on at The Wash and it's a great way to spend a bit of your Saturday night! Second Life is hopping this weekend with all kinds of events, sales, and more people than usual thanks to all these lockdowns going on and that in turn is... Continue Reading →

Its Friday, I’m in Love!

In love with the sales happening at the Cart Sale, that is! How about you - have you been down to visit the event yet? If not, why not? You're missing out on a great round so far. We've got about 50 designers participating and the selection of items is really well rounded. Whether your... Continue Reading →

Cart Sale March Madness!

Normally, March Madness evokes thoughts of basketball, but this month, our thoughts are turning to the March round of the Cart Sale event happening at The Wash. There are a lot of events going on in SL right now, but this is one you definitely don't want to miss. We've brought together over 50 stores... Continue Reading →

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