What we are looking for:

1. Bloggers with at least 6 months experience. This is a large event that occurs several times a year and we want people who are committed and who are used to dealing with deadlines and mass amounts of items.

2. Enthusiastic bloggers. Each one of you has your own style and flavor to your blog and that is something we love about working with a diverse group – you each bring something new to the mix. It shows in the quality of the blog when the blogger is enthusiastic and love what they do.

3. Bloggers who are willing to move outside their comfort zone. Not all items are to every person’s taste, but it is always interesting to see what you talented people can come up with. Everyone has their own favorite designers or maybe a store in an event who is also a sponsor, but we’d love to see some of the smaller, lesser known stores being given attention as well, not just the same handful of bigger stores.

Event Requirements:

All stores are encouraged to send out blogger boxes. Each store is allowed to put out 10-15 items, so the blogger boxes can contain anything from one or two of the merchant’s favorite items to a copy of everything on their entire cart. Expect to get a LOT of stuff to pick and choose from when it comes to deciding what you want to blog!

1. We ask that you blog a minimum of 2 items (from different stores) from the event over the course of the event dates. If you want to do more or if you absolutely love every item a particular store sends out, go for it – the more you blog, the more attention the event gets, which is a huge benefit to the merchants.

2. Please DO NOT begin posting event items on your blog before the event opens to the public. Nothing aggravates shoppers more than seeing something in one of your blogs and not being able to go get it. The merchants begin sending their blogger packs out to the bloggers during the week before the event to give you time to unpack and see what they are offering ahead of the event so that you don’t get swamped when the event opens.

3. Bloggers are encouraged to join the Wash group and get their blogger tags. This allows you to post to the group whenever you make a post on your blog – the merchants love seeing the things you create with their items and many of them share the links to their own store groups, which gives your blog extra hits.

4. Bloggers are encouraged to post their pics in the Wash’s Flickr group as well – the more exposure the better, both for the event and your blog numbers.

If you think this sounds like fun, fill out the information below and someone will get back to you.  Thanks for your interest in The Wash’s Cart Sale events!

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