The Washes’ Cart Sale Finds – Sentou Yousei (battle fairy)

Ahhh... it feels like ages since I have shared some stellar cart sale finds with you guys!! I suppose everyone has some RL interruptions but jeeeez!! Anyways, it's sooo good to be back... and just in time, too!! There are only just days left of The Washes' Cart Sale and I am still making my... Continue Reading →

The Washes’ Cart Sale Finds – CuRvEz

The Washes' Cart Sale is nothing short of a shopaholic's dream come true. Carts all lined up in neat rows, spanning two sims.... *sigh* I don't want it to end!! Sadly, it will... If you haven't visited, "DO IT!"  Really, do it and do it fast!! Get your lovely selves down to the cart sale... Continue Reading →

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