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Cart Sale Weekend Bash!


The weekend is just about here and things are heating up at the Wash! Cart Sale started earlier this week and there is so much to see and explore – including a whole slew of new designers taking part in the event. It might be cold outside, but the Cart Sale is full of things to bring a bit of Spring warmth into your SL world. Everything is 10L or under, so its the perfect opportunity to spoil yourself with a few indulgences without having to feel guilty for spending an arm and a leg.


Have you been to the Cart Sale lately?


We’ve added more designers, more deals, and more to see this round! The Cart Sale coordinators have changed up the cart style a bit this time out, but the fantastic pricing of 10L or under remains the same. There are some incredible items included in the event (as always!), ranging from sweet spring fashions to adorable tip jars, beautiful home decor items and even a few extremely realistic animals to give your landscaping that finishing touch.

The Cart Sale runs from February 25 to March 16, so be sure to give yourself some time to come down and take a stroll through the Wash sim.


Ready for a break from the cold?


We’re entering day 2 of the current Cart Sale at the Wash, and the more items we get a peek at, the more excited we are for this edition of the event! We have a bunch of new designers taking part, as well as our usual suspects, so there is no telling just what delights may be waiting to be discovered as you stroll around the streets of the Wash and check out all the lovely displays.

This is a perfect opportunity to spoil yourself with a little something new for your home or wardrobe without spending a fortune. All items are priced at 10L or under and many of them are new designs which have not previously been for sale either at a Wash event or in the merchant’s shop. Come on down and take a look – you are sure to find something to tickle your fancy!


Cart Sale is open for business!


Check under your couch cushions, between the cracks of your car seats and empty out that piggy bank, folks – it’s Cart Sale time at the Wash! We’re back and bigger than ever with just over 70 designers taking part in the sales event this time around. There is still a bit of dust in the air as the designers finish up loading their items, but there is plenty to see as you take a walk through the streets of the Wash. They have truly outdone themselves this round, with everything from clothing to home decor to an actual walking ‘gator you can add to your land.

As always with the Cart Sale events, everything is priced at 10L or under, so it is super easy to load up on goodies without breaking the bank. The sale runs from now until March 16th – hope to see you there!


Spring is coming to the Wash: Cart Sale has kicked off!


Despite the cold weather outside, spring is on its way and that means it’s Cart Sale time again at the Wash! We have around 70 designers taking part in this edition of the Cart Sale, which means even more fabulous items for your shopping pleasure! Over the next few days, we’ll be posting some of the best items from this round. As always, all items are 10L or under for the duration of the event. This is a golden opportunity to toss those dark winter clothes to the back of your closet and treat yourself to some new things.

The event is running from February 25th until March 16th, so you have plenty of time to come check out the sales!


Bi Annual Sale Official Designers List Feb 2015


Bi Annual Wash Sale Feb2014

Time for everyone’s favorite Sale!

It is the original Bi Annual

Wash Sale!!!


Home Team


Sentou Yousei (battle fairy)
Nail Me
DressMe Designs
The Vintage Touch
Rispetto Designs
Loordes of London
Maloney & Hudson
Lucky Charms Clothing
Kandi Store



Xtreme Designs
Lindy Modern & Retro Style
Lyrical B!zarre Templates
1 Hundred
The Little Bat
Kita’s Sideshow
Style by Kira
*Tiffany Designs*
Fairey Angel Creations
The Dark Fae
Dark Water Designs



Artic Storm
Living Vintage Counture
Aaric’s Design
Living Vintage Southern
Athy Designs Furniture
Magic Party
=sexy bish clothing co=
Timeless Textures
Clutter for Builders
External Appearance Shapes
~Mesh Glam~
No Cabide
Park Place Home Decor
Roped Passions
Tool Shed
B&T Atelier & Mesh Studio
B&T Mesh Studio
Petite Mort
Off Your Rocker
Soul Designs
The Skin Your’re In!
Mesh Monster
{Ms. B. Designs}
Myst Fashion SSC Furniture
Lok’s Low Prim Furniture
Socialite Wardrobe
Precious Designs
Savoha Creations


Watch the Blog for Updates and  added Highlights

The Wash Bi Annual Sale Application’s are now Open


The Wash Bi Annual Applications Now being accepted.

Get  yours in NOW! Before spots are gone!

Bi Annual Wash Sale Feb2014

Read whole note card before entering.

Info Needed


Store Name:

You make your own products?:


Have you been in the a Wash sale before?

The Bi Annual Wash Sale
Feb. 25th to March 16th 2015


Only one person to display, no sharing even for business partners, each person needs their own cart.

You will be able to place 10 prims for Vendors. (plus 5 prims for your logo and or Decor)
Items must be priced L$10 or less.

Everything must be your own creation.
No Copyrighted Images on anything.

Must have at least 5 items for sale on your display
No Ad/vendor Textures bigger than 512×512
No scripts in vendors.

Only scripted object may be a “touch” lm giver.
All objects must be on your display

TO BE Considered for event:

*You must have a in world main store.
*All items in your store must be made by you or a business partner.
*NO resell or BIAB items in store.
*There must be at least 25 items for sale in your store to considered.
*Your Av must be at least one year of age.

Deadline for application is February 19th 2015 or till no more spots are left.
Applications are to be sent to –  Oniquee Tomorrow.

***Designers L$600 at time of approval.***
Reserved Locations at landmark
(please ask if any are left before paying for these)
8 front ones L$1350 each
8 seconds ones L$1100 each
(When you receive your approval letter it is time to pay. If you are not already in group this is the time you will be invited, not before)

Tenants of the Wash sim you will be able to place items on the display in front of your store for free.  However, if you want a front location you will need to pay the correct adjusted fee.

Applications  and entry fees are to be sent to –  Oniquee Tomorrow.


Grace Selene